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I've been doing well since I came here and I'm really enjoying my stay. I'm happy that I finished my English class and that now I'm taking my I.T.A.S academic courses. Thank you again for everything!!! - Didier D-M (Vancouver Island University)

Muthoni has settled in well and having her midterm exams from today!
She likes the uni (University of Western Ontario) and I found Canada and the people there very warm.
Hope you are keeping well. God bless. - Mama Muthoni (Parent)

Good to hear from you. Yes I am fairing on well. I really am enjoying my time in Canada and actually right now I am so glad that I chose this place. School is fairing on well too. Although it is very very busy. I barely get any time to myself. I got a job and I work part time so I always have something to keep me busy. - Pauline (Vancouver Island University)

I am so happy, and actually appreciate your having chosen the University Transfer programme for me, because it is actually the best. Many students who come and go straight to University are facing real problems, most of them are dropping from Science courses and going into programmes such as Social Work, they are finding it real hard. The UT is a lot more cheaper, small sized classrooms and we are studying the same things that people are doing at the universities.
Did you know that many Canadian students want to join colleges, but it’s more competitive to join a college, as compared to a university, but as for us we kind of get a free ride through, because there are more chances for international students. I wish I could stay here longer, but they don’t offer all courses. - Brian (College of New Caledonia)

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